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Motivational Material

What's Your Excuse? Making the Most of What You Have

Author, John P. Foppe. 202 pages. Born without arms, John Foppe has faced unique obstacles to living a normal life. But what he's always had is an indomitable faith - a faith that not only give him the will to survive, but also the will to thrive. John advises us how to confidently confront adversity and discover our own dynamic potential for accomplishment and fulfillment. As John says, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, "All things are within reach."

"Armed With Hope". The Inspirational Story of John Foppe. Video - 30 minutes

Discover how an armless man handles tasks that most of us take for granted like driving a car or cracking an egg.


A Little History Worth Knowing

A Little History Worth Knowing

From ancient times to telethons to today's burgeoning disability movement, A Little History Worth Knowing traces the often-over-looked history of people with disabilities. Although the video doesn't shy away from the abuses of the past, it ends with a hopeful look at the future as changing attitudes and advancing technology help people with disabilities to enter the global economy.

A Winning Attitude

A Winning Attitude

This dramatic training video poignantly demonstrates how a human service manager prevents an overwhelmed case manager from delivering bad customer service. It shows how an employee with problems – like an over sized caseload, bad organizational skills, and a poor attitude- becomes a valuable team player.


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